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This Is Antifolk!

Call it what you want...

For antifolk fans and musos
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Just as the name suggests, a community for antifolk fans and antifolk musicians.

Antifolk Online and Antifolk.Net are presently the web's two major resources for US antifolk, with Antifolk.co.UK and Antifolk.Org bringing in the UK side. Hopefully this community will be helpful too -- especially for those without an established national scene behind them!

The memories section keeps track of band/artist websites and mp3s that get posted.

Normal community rules apply.
Keep your posts at least *slightly* on topic.
Don't be jerks to each other.
If you're posting large or multiple images, make use of the lj-cut tag.

Self-promotion from musicians, event managers, etc. is quite welcome.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderator is distantsun, all the way from Western Australia :)